Rivers Cuomo has “Two Broken Hearts” on new song: Stream

Last weekend saw Weezer as the focus of an incredible Saturday Night Live sketch. Now, frontman Rivers Cuomo has released a new solo song. Titled “Two Broken Hearts”, it plays out as a mellow and melancholy break-up song.

The music video that accompanies the track, however, is a whole other beast entirely. Edited together by Audrey “Nikki” Enloe, it’s filled to the brim with Bitmojis (Cuomo as a Bitmoji is pretty endearing) and a number of ridiculous memes (Elon Musk getting high, Tom Cruise laughing, sad cats).

Check out the beautiful thing below.

Weezer is due to release their Dave Sitek-produced Black Album on March 1st. Head here to revisit its latest single, “Zombie Bastards”.

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