Madame Gandhi on Drumming for MIA, Running the London Marathon, and the Mystic Depth of Astrology

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In our first episode of coverage from Moogfest 2019, This Must Be the Gig host Lior Phillips gets locked into a repurposed bank vault in the basement of a Durham, NC hotel with the always invigorating and powerful Madame Gandhi.

The artist/activist born Kiran Gandhi — joined occasionally on-mic by her partner, Michelle — digs into her feminist activism, including her Future is Female playlist—which features exciting, up-and-coming female-identifying artists—as well as her free-menstruating run through the London Marathon.

Together, Lior and Gandhi also chat about her experience drumming live for MIA, TV on the Radio, and Thievery Corporation, growing up between New York and India, and the mystic depth of astrology.

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