POND may hail from Perth in Western Australia, but they’ve named their newly announced album after a different Australian state: Tasmania. The “sister album” to 2017’s The Weather is due out March 1st via Interscope Records. Produced and mixed by the psychedelic rockers alongside Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, Tasmania was recorded in Fremantle, Western Australia.Read More →

Zach Condon’s beloved baroque indie outfit Beirut is set to return next month with a new album, Gallipoli. Due out February 1st via 4AD, the 12-track LP was previously previewed with the title track and the instrumental “Corfu”. Today, Condon has cut off a third piece of the record with “Landslide”. On theRead More →

It’s been almost five years since 2014 Filmmaker of the Year Dan Gilroy turned Los Angeles into a nightmarish playground with his incredible directorial debut, Nightcrawler. While his follow-up, 2017’s Roman J. Israel, Esq., earned Denzel Washington a Best Actor nomination, it didn’t exactly carry the same kind of dramatic edgeRead More →

Hip-hop fans are still eagerly awaiting word on a teased collaborative album from Noname, Smino, and Saba. After all, Noname and Saba’s put out some of our favorite albums of 2018 with Room 25 and Care for Me, respectively, and Smino’s NØIR wasn’t far behind. While the trio seem content to keep us agog, they did join forcesRead More →