In the post-scene credits of Rick and Morty’s season 3 finale, our beloved Mr. Poopybutthole made a quick cameo, apologizing for his (disgraceful) lack of airtime during the show’s last run and updating fans that he’s now happily married and a father. He also warned that it would be a longRead More →

It’s not just Disney films that suggest we should all be one happy family — it’s now the company itself, too. When Disney coughed up $71.3 billion to purchase 21 Century Fox assets, they got a sizable stake of media land to call their own, including FX, National Geographic, andRead More →

On Monday night, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon will host two major figures in the gay community: Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Morrissey. However, the similarities end just about there, as the duo sport strikingly different ideologies. The Democratic mayor and Alfred E. Neuman look-a-like will appear on the late-night programRead More →