Part of the reason we go to the movies is purely nostalgia. We grew up with them. They’ve always been there. It’s an institution. Hell, if we look back far enough, we can probably trace most of our life lessons to times sitting by our folks, munching on popcorn whileRead More →

Like Superman, or Loki, or Jean Grey, or any of the dozens of other characters who’ve cheated death, comic book movies are the trend that just won’t die. Two decades after Blade kicked off the cinematic superhero renaissance (don’t at me), comic adaptations still rule the box office. Half ofRead More →

One of the more exciting points in any movie year is this moment, early on, when a bunch of directors who’ve made films we love are releasing new movies, and nobody knows if they’ll be any good or not. The period before the early reactions, the hot takes, the hubbubRead More →

Horror isn’t just having a resurgence, it’s taken over. Blame it on nostalgia, chaotic times, or the fact that the genre is simply being appreciated by more and more visionaries, but spooky is in and spooky is what you’re getting. According to CNBC, horror films garnered more than a billionRead More →

Indie rock is such a precious term. Don’t you hate it? It’s annoying, isn’t it? Alas, that’s what we’ve been stuck with, but if it means we get to bundle artists as great and as eccentric as the ones you’re about to read ahead, then we’re good. Over the years,Read More →

While all types of music share the beautiful ability to bridge the gaps between people, let’s not fool ourselves and act like the music industry works the same across the board. For instance, while most of the bands and pop stars who made waves in 2018 will now venture outRead More →

For a genre so indebted to being “in the now,” pop albums sure do have endurance. They’re events, no different than a ’90s Hollywood blockbuster, back when the expiration date wasn’t two weeks after its release and one movie could dominate an entire season. That’s why when pop albums flop —Read More →

Get ready, ’cause 2019 is shaping up to be the biggest year in metal in a long time. While 2018 saw a number of stellar releases by up-and-coming and underground acts, 2019 is the year the big guns return with new music. While our fingers are still crossed, it’s lookingRead More →

Releases from veteran rock bands and artists can bring a strange mix of emotions. While we’re always anxious to hear from one of our all-time favorite bands again — an excitement often intensified as the gap between new releases typically widens over time — history also tells us that veteranRead More →

Each year, Phish put on a “gag” for fans during their New Year’s Eve show. The tradition dates back to 1992, when the group hoisted a crew member dressed in a chicken suit above the stage during a rendition of their song “Fly Famous Mockingbird”. In the years since, PhishRead More →

Almost 500 scripted shows aired somewhere on television or streaming in 2018. Those are just the scripted shows, too, not the reality shows or game shows or anything else we might have enjoyed in the past year. Needless to say, we’re in an era where there’s arguably too much TV. WeRead More →

If nothing else, we know this: Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Songs sing it to us, ads sell it to us, and those credit card bills that arrive in January remind us all over again. So, with all the hubbub, it’s no wonder that Hollywood andRead More →

Earlier this month, The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s 1968 double album, Electric Ladyland, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a new box set featuring previously unreleased demos, alternate takes, and a live bootleg. Pick up a copy here or stream the album in full below. There’s an energy to Jimi Hendrix that you won’t findRead More →

Before we get to 2018’s best films, a year embarrassed with onscreen riches, a quick word about a bear. The year began with dread, held over from the one before it. The last few years have been great movie years, but especially rough years for reality at large, which makesRead More →