Just when it looks like Beyoncé already rules the world, she finds a new way to flex her creative power. This time, she’s leveling up in the activewear world. Today, Beyoncé announced a new partnership with Adidas. Queen Bey will serve as a “creative partner” and will help the brand “develop newRead More →

Do you like scary movies? Better yet, do you want a million dollars without anyone seeing your face? One lucky SuperLotto winner did, and he proved as much by showing up to claim his wins wearing a very familiar mask from horror history. As Complex points out, Jamaican Super Lotto victorRead More →

Chris Brown has denied sexually assaulting a woman in Paris, calling the allegations “disrespectful” and “against my character and morals.” However, he apparently has no moral qualms with making money off of the allegations while simultaneously shaming the alleged victim. The R&B singer’s clothing line, Black Pyramid, has launched aRead More →

Kanye West had something of a long overdue epiphany in October, as he finally appeared willing to distance himself from Donald Trump. “My eyes are now wide open,” he remarked at the time. As such, Kanye no longer wears the red MAGA hat he once proudly donned — that is, according toRead More →

Bay Area punk legends Rancid played a special benefit show for the Ohlhoff Recovery Program at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom last night (November 29th), performing a blistering set to the beyond sold-out venue, and all for a good cause. Based in San Francisco, Ohlhoff Recovery Programs has been providing assistanceRead More →